Zephyr Rail Services

Private Passenger Car Storage Facility

Full Services and Resources available to private car owners:
Car maintenance support available.
Hourly paid maintenance staff includes:
        AAR certified Carmen available for car maintenance, required Airbrake testing, Inspections, servicing and private car upgrades.
Experienced passenger car electricians and AC trained employees.
Experienced passenger car trained and certified Sheet metal and Pipefitter employees. 
Experienced passenger car generator service located near facility.
Support contractor services available such as experienced car staffing,
        cleaning and servicing.
Storage building has following amenities for storage clients.
Climate controlled passenger car storage building (heat during cold weather months).
Building security.
24 access and availability to stored private cars for owners and clients.
Electrical service for power tools and equipment.
Maintenance area within building will have cement floor & jacking pads.
Electric jack lifting capability for inspections and maintenance.
Compressed air for cars and power equipment and tools.
Potable water will be available on site.
Metered 480 volt electrical service available for stored private cars.
Location, Location, Location.
Facility location within one mile of major U.S. highway intersections
         (I-29 North & South & I-80, East & West).
Near historic rail hub with six major freight railroads and passenger car operations. 
Major airport located within six miles.
Multiple Ground transportation options within five miles.
Many hotels and casinos located within eight mile radius.
Two Major metropolitan areas (population area of approximately one million)
          within twenty mile radius.
Local Shopping and restaurants within .5 miles.
Bulk switching available through freight railroads for movement to AMTRAK station. 
AMTRAK Station within five miles.
Potential joint private car operation ventures for storage clients.

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Zephyr Rail Services is the Solution to your
Private Passenger Car Storage Facility Needs.
Full services and resources available to private car owners.

Our location is at the crossroads of the country.

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